Things to do in London – June 2017

Festival goers from London don’t even have to go beyond the M25 to enjoy outdoor music anymore. The Capital’s outdoor spaces are open for business and promoters are busy lining up a wealth of music talent. Hyde Park, Victoria Park and Clapham Common will all feature major rock and pop extravaganzas in the coming months […]

Things to do in London – May 2017

London’s open spaces are ready to host plenty of fun events over the coming months and the Capital’s residents are already warming up. Marathons are being run, barbecues cleaned up and summer playlists downloaded. Call it a “Psychological Spring Cleaning” if you like, but anything of any value benefits from a bit of preparation – […]

Things to do in London – April 2017

The power of music to lighten our loads and lift our spirits is an essential part of our life journey. London has many venues and settings that promote these emotions. Not all of them are on a popular level, but the professionalism of how the different theatres, clubs and churches even, are able to stage […]

Visiting London

Visiting London for the first time can be daunting: historical attractions, beautiful open spaces, high-end shops and important landmarks; there is so much to do and see, it is hard to know where to start. Fear not as we’ve put together this handy guide to help you discover the best attractions in London if you’re […]

Things to do in London – March 2017

There is no secret to the perennial popularity of Princess Diana. Even those of us that were ambivalent about the need for an unelected monarchy realised that she possessed the kind of ‘soft skills’ that encouraged the best in people. The world of Hip Hop, where people have to be reminded of your greatness every […]

Things to do in London – February 2017

You can’t have competition without a bit of ruthlessness and for every success story, there is a tale of broken hearts and thwarted dreams. It doesn’t matter if it’s a vintage girl band or a bunch of cartoon pigs, ambition can turn deadly if it isn’t kept in check. The artists of the new Russian […]

Things to do in London – January 2017

There is a lot to be said about simplification, even in a metropolis as large and intricate as London. Restaurants and bars, like Oscar in Fitzrovia, are starting to shorten their menus and list of ingredients, relying on just a few quality components. Likewise, the kind of mega productions that were once the speciality of […]