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It used to be a rumour; now it’s official. London is now indisputably the world’s most multicultural city, knocking the New York City “melting pot” off its perch. London doesn’t melt anybody. It absorbs, includes and collaborates. The same is true about its architecture, which is an object example in progressive conservation. Nothing is discarded or considered beyond restoration. Power stations become art galleries; factories become apartments; warehouses become restaurants.

London remains one of the most remarkably distinguished capital cities of the world because it draws on an extraordinarily rich history and culture. Its endearing landscape is a tribute to historical icons from a glorious past interspersed with modern day examples of architectural boldness. This daring juxtaposition is both thoughtful and audacious like the city itself. From St Paul’s Cathedral to the Shard, London’s 21st century skyline is breathtaking in every sense of the word.

In London, identikit blandness is avoided. Iconic structures like St Paul’s and Tower Bridge require something more than slabs of glass and steel to harmonise with. Imagination and a typically London sense of humor have given rise to startlingly shaped structures with evocative nicknames. The Square Mile alone is home to the “Gerkhin”, “Cheese grater” and “Walkie-Talkie” while across the river there is the UK’s tallest building – The Shard. London proves that big buildings can be big fun.