Things to do in London – April 2024

With the arrival of spring, London comes alive with a wide range of events to appeal to all tastes and breathe new energy into the city’s cultural calendar. Whether you want to wander through nature and attend a literature festival or want to soothe your taste buds through a caffeine festival, there’s an experience waiting […]

Things to do in London – December 2019

Make no mistake: it’s been a year filled with uncertainty and plenty of people are looking for some light relief from the socio-political climate. The great thing about London is that it can create pockets of escapism that are easily accessible for all ages and tastes. So take a break from Brexit, sing along to […]

Things to do in London – November 2019

Working class heroes have always had a big say in how London shapes itself. From Thomas Cromwell to Michael Caine, the Capital celebrates upward mobility. This month, two pop acts and two art exhibitions show how the outdated notion of class division can be conquered and even reversed.

Things to do in London – October 2019

“Be careful what you wish for as it may come true”. It’s a popular saying which warns against the perils of trying to do or get things before you’re ready. In Big: The Musical, growing up becomes a double edged sword overnight, while in Joker, a man’s fantasy outruns his modest talents, leading him to […]

Things to do in London – September 2019

Dealing with loss is one of the great plot devices of drama. People’s reactions to a death can be extreme and also sometimes extremely funny. Fleabag runs wild through London, picking up and dropping partners with mad abandon, while actors in Hollywood as portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio try to act out their past fictional exploits […]

Things to do in London – August 2019

In many great productions, it’s the part players that end up stealing the show. This might be intentional as in the Lion King,where the hero is constantly upstaged by a warthog and meerkat. On the other hand, it might be the fact that the main stars want to take it easy and let the lesser […]

Things to do in London – July 2019

A quick question to all the smartphone-wielding gig-goers out there. Does a blurred image of Robbie Williams’s left shoulder tattoo represent the highlight of your night? Also, is using Florence (not to mention her Machine) as a backdrop for a selfie really going to boost your social profile? By all means treat gigs as an […]

Things to do in London – June 2019

It’s amazing what a bit of colour and dash can do for a career that is based on more prosaic foundations. Blues pianist Reg Dwight put on some outrageous glasses and became Elton John. Gloria Estefan took Latin American dance music into the charts via a series of glittering costumes. Even boring old cricket gets […]

Things to do in London – May 2019

They say that crossroads are places filled with mysterious significance that involve fate and decision. Football teams, pop groups and superhero franchises all reach a point where they adapt or die and London is a place where careers and creativity can be tested to the limit. Actors, musicians and sportspeople may come and go but […]

Things to do in London – April 2019

Dealing with the past can be a strange undertaking, especially when that past has been shared and interpreted to the point of cliché. Fifties Britain meant different things to different people. To some it was a time of recovery and upward-mobility, to others it was a grim slog through prejudices and pressure to conform. Humour […]