Things to do in London – March 2019

Remembering great artistes can sometimes be a tricky balance as too much reverence can easily turn into pastiche. It’s better to imagine how a great singer would have handled new material and old standards which is why Lioness is such an effective tribute to Amy Winehouse. Dolly Parton, however, is fully in charge of her […]

Things to do in London – February 2019

Leaving a legacy can be a hit and miss affair because the years are bound to have their say. Bands that reform and restaurants that relocate and reinvent invariably have to let their public judge – even after they’ve gone. London is a place where such boldness can reap handsome rewards.

Things to do in London – January 2019

In London, if you were interested in oddball eating experiences, you could always count on powerful women. Queen Anne made everyone in her court eat pineapples, while famous ballerinas through the years have had strange desserts named after them. Punk poet, Patti Smith would probably throw the whole lot in the chef’s face before performing […]

Things to do in London – December 2018

December’s crowded social calendar gives plenty of opportunities for young talent to break through and this applies in both the arts and other spheres of entertainment. Youth choirs, ballet dancers and emerging football talent all get their chance to shine at Christmas because of the sheer number of events happening in the Capital. So, if […]

Things to do in London – November 2018

Perfection can be as much about the how as about the what and London offers plenty of both. Top restaurants in the Capital provide an experience that seems effortless and plenty of art exhibitions highlight work of staggering intricacy. First place, however goes to an energy source lying just a mere 93 million miles away […]

Things to do in London – October 2018

An amalgamation of period charm and cultural confidence make London the perfect place for a bit of retro glamour. Imbibing an old school cocktail or two before crossing the cobblestone street in order to see one of the West End’s finely judged productions is a particular joy. That this pleasure needs to experienced more than […]

Things to do in London – August 2018

With the summer temperatures climbing, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to look for some indoor entertainment in London this month. The coolness of venues like the National Portrait Gallery or the Roundhouse can be seen as a good counterbalance to the fierce August heat, especially if you have kids in tow. Michael Jackson: On […]

Things to do in London – July 2018

As London enter the summer months, music is definitely in the air, evidenced by an unprecedented amount of festivals, both big and small. Glastonbury is having the year off so the Capital’s pop, rock and hip-hop tribes have stayed home to party, which is excellent as there are more than enough good vibes to go […]

Things to do in London – June 2018

Regeneration is a key London trait that has served it well throughout history and Londoners will always welcome comebacks and reboots as long as they have a sense of style and purpose. Music festivals that revive genuine good times are a soulful and relaxing way to spend a weekend, especially in sunny June. Superheroes can […]

Things to do in London – May 2018

Strolling across Hyde Park is once again becoming an absolute joy as Spring starts to make its presence felt among the tree lines, gardens and hedgerows of London’s great green space. It’s also great to break up any outdoor activity with a quick concert or meal. Try a free recital at the Royal Albert Hall […]