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Kensington Palace – once home of Diana Princess of Wales – is now, fifteen years later, once again the focus of the world’s attention. Her newly arrived grandson and his parents have moved there after a multi-million pound renovation was undertaken to make it fit for two future kings.

William, Kate and baby George are the latest in a long line of blue-blooded residents that have lived a short walk from Space Apart Hotel. This beautiful royal palace has been home to many other grand members of the royal family namely William III and Mary II, Queen Anne, George I, George II and Queen Victoria.

Across the park, South Kensington borders Knightsbridge forming an area known as “Albertopolis”. It’s here that most of London’s world-class museums reside. The Science Museum, Natural History Museum and Victoria and Albert Museums are all situated on Exhibition Road and are within easy reach of the Space Apart Hotel.

Kensington Palace

Science Museum

Natural History Museum

Victoria and Albert Museums

Serpentine Gallery