Things to do in London – April 2018

A series of cold weather fronts seems to have Spring on the run at the moment, but living in London teaches us that the weather here can turn on a five pence piece and often does. To help usher in warmer climes many Londoners will be checking out new dance productions as nothing brightens the […]

Things to do in London – March 2018

Resilience is a quality that is probably not as glamorous as bravery or magnetism, yet it’s the bedrock which supports many a successful endeavour. The bulldog spirit of our wartime leaders is well known but it’s when the doubts crept in that their true character shone through. London also celebrates the life and times of […]

Things to do in London – February 2018

The use of subterfuge and misdirection is a tried and tested entertainment device. It keeps audiences guessing and allows actors and artists time and space to develop subtext and deeper meaning. Performers as varied as Lady Gaga and Jennifer Saunders can be animated and sometimes dazzlingly visual but it is their eye for detail that […]

Things to do in London – January 2018

London has a tried and trusted way of adapting American themes to suit British and international tastes. The New York style brasserie is now a staple on London’s culinary scene with Covent Garden’s Joe Allen being a particularly convivial example. Premiership football teams like Spurs are incorporating USA style cheerleaders and mascots and even pizza […]

Things to do in London – December 2017

For some, the long nights and low temperatures of winter can seem like a bit of drag. London, however, excels at using colour as a means of cheering the heart and warming the soul. From the red buses to the vibrant West End lights, the Capital seems determined to transcend the weather and its venues […]

Things to do in London – November 2017

Retrospectives about recently deceased artistes can be a double edged sword. Is it too early? Did that album really mean that much? Prince seemed to have lived his life in preparation for such an exhibition as he seemed never to have thrown anything away and everything he used seemed to serve some sort of design […]

Things to do in London – October 2017

In many disciplines, collaboration is key as diverse views often make for a more rounded end result. The Design Museum regularly shows great examples of this open minded ethos and the Bloomsbury Festival carries on the diverse approach that was pioneered in the area many years ago. Metallica, on the other hand, are the complete […]

Things to do in London – September 2017

Influences in London don’t just fall from the sky: check out its museums, galleries and concert spaces. Even the disparate works of a nineteenth century painter and a modern day sculptor show how different disciplines and genres crossover into the consciousness of artist and viewer. In the performing arts, cross fertilisation is quicker, but easier […]

Things to do in London – August 2017

The old saying is that you never know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone. That can be applied to any number of people, things and situations and it should make us more appreciative of the time we have. This Summer, London will say farewell to a couple of sporting legends and it is fitting that […]

Things to do in London – July 2017

Top public transport tips in the sweltering London heat are as follows: Avoid the so called “Boris Buses”. Their much trumpeted air conditioning last worked sometime around the announcement of Brexit, an omen perhaps? The Thameslink service that runs through the city centre has a few air conditioned trains that are basically fridges on wheels. […]