As Brexit concerns start to calm, comedians like Josh Widdicombe will have to look for easier targets, although the fact that Josh bears an uncanny resemblance to a young Boris Johnson may help. There’s a smile on the face of the restaurant trade, however, as favourable exchange rates mean that pop up operators like Som Saa can make that tricky leap to full restaurant status. In or out, London continues to lead the way.

Som Saa – London E1
Pop up restaurants roughly fall into two categories. The first are guerrilla ventures that are meant to cash in on a particular food fad that is doing the rounds in hipsterdom. The second category is intended to create a buzz from scratch before becoming more permanent. Som Saa is a Thai food eatery that falls into the latter and unlike a lot of operations that fail to make the transition, it is thriving.

There’s no particular secret, other than the fact that you will look long and hard at the menu before you find a green curry. Som Saa has been set up by westerners dedicated to this most exciting of cuisines and they aren’t about to sell out to the tourist crowd. Dishes are pungent, zesty and hot!! Smoked chilli is a favoured ingredient and the sea bass served here is a totally different from the polite pan-fried stalwart of so many mainstream restaurants. Definitely worth a short ride eastwards on the Metropolitan & City line.

The Magnificent Seven – Cinemas Londonwide
Every so often the Western film genre makes a comeback. This is usually due to some perceived instability that causes Hollywood to look to a simpler, more straight shooting time. This bold remake of a bona-fide classic stars Denzil Washington heading a motley crew of outsiders against an evil mining baron who wants to steamroller a village full of helpless peasants.

The script is sharp, funnier than the original and suitably concerned with the moral ambiguity that goes with waging a just war. As in the 1960 classic, the seven rise above their outlaw status by training the village to defend itself, rather than just going on a killing spree. Chris Pratt takes a break from zapping Klingons in the Star Trek franchise by dealing out frontier justice in support of the inscrutable Washington.

Josh Widdicombe – Eventim Apollo, Hammersmith
The curly haired grumpy young man, hailing from just around the corner, does a night of superb standup comedy in West London on October 6. Widdicombe has come up through the TV panel show ranks and now has his own sitcom, but that has not mellowed his sharp observational take on society and life. The fact that his act is still fresh can be attributed to his other day job – host of Fighting Talk on Radio 5live.

Fighting Talk is the kind of gig that radio programmers usually give to argumentative “shock jocks” who like nothing better than to stir the boiling pot of public outrage (sorry, opinion). Widdicombe handles things differently, preferring to give even the craziest callers enough rope to hang themselves. There’s sure to be some in the audience, so will be interesting to see how Josh handles them.

The Chocolate Show – Kensington Olympia
The fact that there is a children’s play area at this exhibition is a bit puzzling. How are we supposed to convince kids that they should climb around monkey bars when there is a hanger full of delightful treats surrounding them? The Chocolate Show is a tribute to the addictive product of the cocoa bean and celebrates the chefs, chocolatiers and artisans that create some of the most sumptuous bites imaginable.

Special tastings, cake making classes and even a Chocolate fashion show are all scheduled for the weekend of 14th – 16th of October. There will be champagne bar as well, so if you have managed, miraculously to park your offspring, stop by for a glass of bubbly – with or without a chocolate truffle.

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