London is a sports lover’s paradise and its unique infrastructure allows many international and domestic events to take place simultaneously. Three national stadiums, two test venues and half a dozen premiership football club grounds means there is no need to stay indoors watching the action on television. Without so much as breaking a sweat, the capital plays host to three soccer derbies, a rugby league international series, an indoor tennis championship and a couple of American football franchise games – all before Christmas.

School of Rock – New London Theatre
When Dewey Finn is accused of being no use to the community, his immortal riposte is “I serve the community by rocking”. Dewey is an overgrown adolescent who thinks that his way forward is through his second rate metal outfit No Vacancy. Sacked by the band, he cons his way into a teaching position at an independent school and proceeds to turn his class of uptight A students into mini rock beasts.

Andrew Lloyd Webber – the father of the rock musical – has penned a revival of this 2003 hit movie and he has included extra songs for the kids and an expanded role for the head teacher who becomes Dewey’s love interest. The film relied on Jack Black’s energy and rock knowledge for its driving force, but Julian Fellowes has written in extra dialogue which puts a talented group of young musicians front and centre.

Arsenal v Tottenham / Tottenham v West Ham / Chelsea v Tottenham – North and West London
Last season saw Spurs keep pace with eventual champions Leicester City until the final couple of weeks. Expectations are high this time around and this young squad have not disappointed. November throws up a series of challenges with three huge London derbies, but Spurs are the only unbeaten side in the Premiership and will be confident of picking up points at the expense of their London neighbours.

Visiting Arsenal on the 6th will give Tottenham the chance to obtain North London bragging rights by beating their closest rivals. Two weeks later, they’ll be hosting a resurgent West Ham who, after a sluggish start are in the process of matching last season’s form. Finally, it’s off to Stamford Bridge where, under new management, Chelsea are beginning to repair the chaos of the last 12 months. If Spurs go on to win the Premiership next year, they may look back on November’s matches as a crucial component of their success.

The Accountant – Cinemas Londonwide
In the title role, Ben Affleck puts a positive spin on autism and its attendant disadvantages while being chased around by government agents, multinationals and assorted bad guys. The film charts the journey of Chris Wolff from geeky misfit to almost superhuman number cruncher and how his lack of empathy leads him down the murky road of organised crime.

Deciding to go straight, Wolff joins a regular accountancy team on a regular assignment, but then uncovers a plot that is even more shady than those of his former mafia boss. Teaming up with Dana Cummings (Anna Kendrick), he must use his unique out-of-the-box thinking to thwart disaster. The movie may be slightly predictable, but it comes good in its refusal to view disability as something that would hinder a lead character.

The Royale – Tabernacle, Bush Theatre, Shepherd’s Bush
Boxing movies are difficult enough to film, but putting all that split second physicality into a live drama presents a whole host of technical obstacles. This production is a triumph of inventiveness in that it pulls it off while not allowing the drama to slacken. The story of an early 20th Century black boxer overcoming poverty, prejudices and corruption draws obvious parallels with the great Jack Johnson.

Here he is named as Jay “Royale” Jackson and, like his inspiration, segregation laws won’t allow him to contest at the highest level. He breaks through by goading and provoking the white establishment in the same way that Muhammad Ali was to do fifty years later. The play focuses on the human cost to Jackson as well as the political and social fallout of the son of black slaves rising to the top of world sport.

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