If you are ready to explore new culinary traditions in London, start with Persian this month as it’s the perfect food for outdoor eating or the perfect complement for watching the tennis on TV! Whatever you decide to do while touring the Capital, be sure to check these out:

Wimbledon Tennis Tournament – Wimbledon
The intriguing thing about this year’s summer festival of tennis is that Andy Murray is determined to retake his crown without the help of a coach. It’s not really clear how much top players like Murray, Djokovic, Nadal and Federer rely on coaches for technical guidance; after all, these four have dominated the men’s game and raised it to unwitnessed levels over the past decade.

Even so, competitions like these are usually a battle of nerves and confidence is key. Today’s top coaches have all won majors in the past and seem to be the only people that can relate to the pressure. Murray will be hoping to avoid Federer early on and will take heart from having won a recent rare victory against the usually unbeatable tennis machine that is Novak Djokovic.


Alounak Restaurant – Westbourne Grove, W2
London has the largest expat Iranian population outside LA (fondly known as “Tehrangeles”) and it’s only natural that it has its fair share of quality Persian eateries. This is a form of cooking that predates and influences what we now know as Mediterranean Cuisine and Alounak is one of West London’s foremost examples.

You only have to experience what these chefs can do with lamb and aubergine to realise that Alounak is well worth the visit. Presented as a slow cooked casserole, its aromatic smells and taste tell of a dish that has launched a thousand imitations but has never been bettered. The word ‘kebab’ originated in Persia but the skewers here are miles away from your local stick spinners in both taste and presentation.


Bushstock Festival – Shepherd’s Bush
West London may not be overloaded with music venues and space for open air festivals but that doesn’t mean that there is a dearth of talent under the Westway. Bushstock is an event small in scale but big in potential and it has been the springboard for many new acts including George Ezra.

Distributed between five small venues, the festival concentrates on singer/songwriter acts that are both original and accessible. Let’s just say that Little Mix fans won’t be making the trip to W12. Headliners include Bella Figura, Charlie Cunningham and Chantreuse. Check them out and remember where you saw them first.


Captain America: Civil War – Cinemas Londonwide
Marvel Films have finally nailed the problem of featuring their whole ensemble of superheroes in one movie without creating an unholy mess. The answer is to treat their audience like the mature adults that they have become. The plot is a political conundrum that deals with accountability, collateral damage and the limits of government power.

Captain America wants less control over his team, the Avengers and is ready to fight for that independence. Iron Man, however, has vested interests as he’s a key player in an arms race that is threatening to spiral out of control. The icing on the cake is the return to the Marvel fold of Spider-Man (he was the property of Universal). Let battle commence.


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