As the England football squad stumble out of the European Championship, it may be a time to give professional sports a rest for a bit and concentrate on the wealth of musical talent on our doorstep. Of course, if you fancy a kickabout before the concert, then Hyde Park which is nearby Space Apart Hotel will provide the ideal setting for an activity led picnic. Enjoy!

Stevie Wonder – British Summer Time Hyde Park
With both David Bowie and Prince departed in quick succession, geniuses seem on the brink of becoming an endangered species but Hyde Park will, nevertheless, be hosting one this month. Stevie Wonder’s early to mid-seventies output rivals that of anyone – Beatles included – and in July he will be playing the jewel in its crown.

Songs in the Key of Life is the soul music cornerstone album that influenced all popular music and transformed a superstar into a legend. Full of delicate ballads, funk workouts and social consciousness, it is driven by Stevie’s joyous vocals and virtuoso playing. Fans ‘British Summer Time Hyde Park’ will experience the album played to them from start to finish by the master himself.

Carole King – British Summer Time Hyde Park
Whenever pop songwriting is discussed, Carole King’s ‘Tapestry’ is nearly always set as the gold standard. Created mainly on a single piano with minimal backing, it is a lesson in beautiful economy and tasteful instrumentation. 25 million record sales later, King has agreed to perform it in its entirety for the first time and has chosen London as the venue.

This is partly in recognition of the acclaimed success of the musical ‘Beautiful’ which has introduced King’s art to a whole new generation and has been an inspiration on both sides of the Atlantic. Also on the bill will be Don Henley, Michael Kiwanuka and Louise Goffin, a lineup that reflects three generations of songwriting craft and hit tunes.

Serpentine Bar & Kitchen – Hyde Park
With all the activity going on, it may seem like getting a meal in Hyde Park is the last thing that you would want to do but this eatery near the famous Serpentine lake is surprisingly accessible.
Run by Benugo, the cafe has streamlined its operations by keeping menus short, fridges stocked and service attentive. This ethos, carried over from its City operations, is definitely a winner and has prevented this busy site from becoming a tourist-clogged battleground.

There’s plenty of space indoors and outside with great views of the boating lake and the opposite shore. Dishes include pizzas, fish and chips and pulled pork baps which are all carefully and freshly prepared. Prices are reasonable for this part of the West End and the extended daylight hours enables the restaurant to stay open until 9pm.

The Legend of Tarzan – Cinemas Londonwide
As one of fictions first superheroes, Tarzan has undergone many reinventions and reductions. From the colonial insurgent of the novels, to the Aryan supremacist of 50s Hollywood and on to the barely coherent savage of Greystoke, his image has been moulded to suit the purpose of many interpreters.

In the Legend of Tarzan, the ape man starts as a civilised visitor, only to revert to the wild in order to save his wife. Advancements in special effects make for some thrilling jungle scenes and Christophe Waltz reprises the ‘cultured villain’ role that has served him so well recently. This time, however, colonial Africa is seen as the shameless and exploitative land grab that it really was.

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