There was a time in London, when the so-called class divide would have prevented anybody from liking both beer and classical music. Beethoven was supposed to be enjoyed with a glass of wine, while beer was for folkies and rockers. This barrier is happily a thing of the past as thousands, this month, will happily browse through craft beer stalls in Kensington before heading off across Hyde Park for some expertly played Brahms (and maybe some Liszt!)

BBC Proms – Royal Albert Hall (15th July – 10th September)
BBC Proms
Classical music with a decidedly jazzy theme is what’s on offer this August as having previously paid tribute to the late great David Bowie, the Proms celebrate Quincy Jones who is still very much with us. This doesn’t mean that festival stalwarts like Elgar, Beethoven and Strauss are overlooked as there will be a full programme of concerts, recitals and workshops to choose from.

Orchestral arrangements of the massive Quincy Jones back catalogue will be supported by piano sessions from Jamie Cullum and a swing through the repertoire of Brazilian popular song. There will be additional recitals in Greenwich and Camden as the BBC seeks to break out of the confines of South Kensington.

Star Trek: Beyond – Cinemas Londonwide
The rehabilitation of the Star Trek franchise continues as it boldly goes beyond the 60s kitsch of the TV series and the 80s weirdness of the movie spin offs. Brit, Simon Pegg – who also plays Chief Engineer Scott – takes on the screenplay duties and his skills as a writer won’t surprise fans of his homegrown comedy projects.

Pegg and director Jason Lin (Fast and Furious) have taken the radical step of questioning the altruistic motives that lie behind the Federation and space exploration as a whole. Iris Elba plays a rogue Federation soldier, morphed beyond recognition by his time in deep space. As he challenges the crew of the Enterprise, Kirk, Spock and Dr McCoy find themselves having to right internal wrongs before facing their common foe.

Masala Zone@Selfridges Street Kitchen – Selfridges (fourth floor)
Masala zone
If the term ‘food court’ makes you think of bored school-leavers shovelling soggy fries into a box, then you’ve probably been eating in too many airports. Masala Zone cook proper Indian food quickly and expertly and although the setting is somewhat like a food court, the fact that it is located at one of London’s flagship stores makes a huge difference.

The area is cool, spacious and calm and the checkout, surprisingly efficient. Masala Zone are on a mission to re-educate the palate of Londoners and their main weapon is the humble Thali. This traditional combo of curry, vegetables and rice replaces a lot of the fatty meat and claggy sauces with pulses, grilled meat and zesty marinades, giving the dishes an authentic Indian street vibe.

The Great British beer festival – Kensington Olympia (9th – 13th August)
Beer lovers in the capital have steadily outgrown the old image of bearded earnestness that the Campaign For Real Ale once had. Actually the beards are back as young hairy hipsters will be all over this event, but CAMRA folk are much more lighthearted these days which bodes well for this urban drinkathon.

Thousands of craft beer tastings, expert panels, hearty food and great live music will all combine over four days to make the festival a memorable one. You get a special glass with which to wander around the Olympia sampling all that fizzy goodness. There’s a family room for the kids and plenty of souvenirs to take home.

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