When it comes to the simple act of enjoying some coffee and cake, Londoners can be guilty of diving into the nearest high street chain in order to grab a latte while surfing the web. West London is leading the way against this habit with a string of artisan cafés that provide quality at reasonable prices. Places like the Hummingbird and Bluebelles are small, friendly and not out to colonise every high street in the known universe. Try them.

The Hummingbird Cafe – Shepherd’s Bush
The Hummingbird is one of a growing number of artisan style independent cafés that are currently enriching the food scene of West London. Celebrated for its antipodean friendliness, delicious breakfasts and outstanding coffee, this local eatery is proud of its ethically sourced ingredients and champions the use of the nearby Queens Park farmer’s market.

Situated just along from Shepherd’s Bush Market on the Uxbridge Road, the Hummingbird is great for long, lazy brunches or post school snacks and commuters will appreciate the full bodied taste of the lattes they pick up on the way into the city centre. Those with a sweet tooth will find plenty to choose from in the deli section which specialises in a wide variety of mouth watering cakes and pastries.

London Has Fallen – Cinemas Londonwide
Not content with blowing up Washington three years ago, the Olympus Has Fallen franchise hops across the pond in order to give us Brits the same treatment. The plot is fairly similar. World leaders gather in London for a state funeral only to be assassinated by a crazed arms dealer out for revenge. Thankfully the American contingent contains laconic tough guy Mike Banning who proceeds to save his president by ruthlessly dispatching a gaggle of middle eastern baddies.

Gerald Butler reprises his role as CIA operative Banning with violent relish as most of London’s iconic landmarks are digitally blown up around him. Assisted by a wise owl Vice President (Morgan Freeman. Natch), he goes on an entertaining killing spree that has overtones of some of the more high quality computer games on the market.


Sensational Butterflies – Natural History Museum
This ever popular exhibition once again opens just in time for the school holidays. Situated in a special glass enclosure outside the main museum building, Sensational Butterflies is simultaneously restful and exciting as thousands of the exotic creatures can be viewed in close to their natural habitat.

Flown in from all around the world, the exhibits are aimed at providing as much education as entertainment and is also a good entry level event for anyone keen to rid themselves of a fear of “creepy crawlies”. In fact these insects neither creep nor crawl, preferring to dance in the ample light provided by the enclosure – a truly magical experience.


Chelsea v Manchester City – Stamford Bridge
Last summer this fixture would have been tipped as a potential title decider, such was the dominance that these two expensively assembled squads were expected to have. Subsequent events have shown that money doesn’t always guarantee success and both teams are out of the running for domestic honours.

This is far from a dead fixture though. With new managers waiting in the wings, the players will be keen to prove their worth, either to the incoming boss or to the cream of European sides who will be watching with cheque books at the ready. Any game that features quality internationals like David Siva, Aguero, Diego Costa or William is bound to entertain which is good news for any neutrals who find themselves at the Bridge in April.


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